Through high-level elite youth hockey, our youth coaches know how to help young skaters learn to play, love and respect the game and themselves. Building a foundation of strong skills, hockey knowledge and competitiveness starts here.

USPHL High Performance Youth

The High Performance Youth League offers top-flight development opportunities for players in Connecticut, New Jersey and New York born between the years 2005 and 2010. These teams will be merged into the Eastern Junior Elite Prospects League for 2020-21.

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At this age, players are becoming even more serious than younger years. Our USPHL Midget programs are a cut above, ensuring individual player development to advance to the next level. With a faster game and high-intensity competition, our seasoned, expert coaches, most with NCAA or pro playing or coaching experience, become teachers, mentors and sources of inspiration for players during the important teen years. We offer 14U hockey through the High Performance Youth League and its merger into the Eastern Junior Elite Prospects League.

The USPHL also fields full-season 15U, 16U and 18U Divisions.

Ages 13-14

We have several options for the Bantam Level player through the High Performance Youth League (Connecticut, New York, New Jersey). These teams will compete as part of the Eastern Junior Elite Prospects League‘s Platinum Division.

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Age 15

The USPHL 15U Division is a full-season Midget league with a footprint from New Hampshire through Southern New England into New Jersey, along with two Florida teams. All of the teams involved are members of organizations with teams at higher levels in the USPHL Midget and Junior Divisions, offering the chance for in-house promotion within this season or future seasons. Our teams have represented their districts at USA Hockey Nationals in the past, as well.

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Ages 15-16

The USPHL 16U is a full-season Midget league, running from late August to February. The 31 teams range over a footprint extending from Maine to Florida. This is a league that has featured many NCAA Division 1 commitments since 2013.

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Ages 17-18

The USPHL 18U Division is a full-season league with several teams fielded by organizations with USPHL teams at all levels – from youth to junior. The league footprint ranges from Maine to Pennsylvania. USPHL 18U is for the serious Midget player looking to play a full season of 20 or more games in front of college and pro scouts. Every year, there are players skating in the USPHL 18U who have already made NCAA Division 1 commitments or are working towards one.

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Junior hockey is the highest level of amateur hockey, consisting of elite players typically between 16 and 20 years old. The USPHL offers multiple full-season options, with unrivaled coaching and competition.

Founded in 2017, the National Collegiate Development Conference (NCDC) is the only tuition-free Tier-2 junior hockey league operating entirely on the East Coast, from Maine to New Jersey and western New York. Its small footprint of 13 teams in 2019-2020 allows for more player development and less travel, while competing in front of college scouts every game over a 60-game season. In just two short seasons, the NCDC has already proven itself as a feeder program for the NCAA Division 1 college game.

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The USPHL Premier Division places more players into NCAA college hockey than any other Tier-3 program in the U.S. With more than 60 teams operating in 2020-21, the league offers players team options from Minnesota to Maine and from California to Florida. Divisional play keeps travel to a minimum, while players also take advantage of playing in heavily-scouted showcases in Boston and Chicago, among other locales.

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The USPHL Elite Division is the league’s developmental junior division, offering an introduction to junior hockey for those who want to climb up to Premier and NCDC teams. At the same time, several dozen players move from the USPHL Elite directly to college hockey teams every season. The league footprint of 21 teams extends from New England through the Mid-Atlantic region and down through the Southeast to Florida.

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